Cablegrams of Shoghi Effendi
25 April 1951

Preliminary steps taken (in) preparation (of) final design (for the) Mashriqu'l-Adhkár (on) Mount Carmel by President (of the) International Bahá'í Council, specifically appointed ( by) 'Abdu'l-Bahá (to be) its architect.

Process (of the) unfoldment (of the) ever-advancing Administrative Order accelerated (by the) formation (of the) International Bahá'í Council designed (to) assist (in the) erection (of the) superstructure (of the) Báb's Sepulchre, cement ties uniting (the) budding World Administrative Center with (the) recently established State, (and) pave (the) way (for the) formation (of the) Bahá'í Court, essential prelude (to the) institution (of the) Universal House (of) Justice.

Emergence (of) independent sovereign State (in) Holy Land, synchronizing (with the) rise (and) consolidation (of the) Administrative Center (of the) World Faith (of) Bahá'u'lláh of which (the) establishment (of the) International Bahá'í Council (and the) construction (of the) superstructure (of the) Báb's Sepulchre constitute (the) initial major evidences as well as (the) projected acquisition (of) extensive properties (in) close neighborhood (of the) Most Holy Tomb (of) Bahá and (the) precincts (of the) Shrine (on) Mount Carmel, Haifa, essential (to) their preservation, resulting (from) far-reaching changes (in the) newly-established State, demanded henceforth reorientation (and) necessitate increasing financial support by Bahá'í National Communities (of) East (and) West, through curtailment (of) national (and) local budgets. (The) extent (of) appropriations (from) national (and) local budgets (of) communities (in) both hemispheres (is) regarded (as a) spiritual obligation (and) left (to the) discretion (of the) elected representatives (of the) believers. Moreover, participation (of) individual believers, through contributions directly transmitted (to the) Holy Land (are) imperative and beyond (the) scope (of the) jurisdiction (of) National (and) local Assemblies. Upon (the) response (of the) privileged builders (of the) World Order (of) Bahá'u'lláh depends (the) nature (and the) rapidity (of the) evolution (of the) World Administrative Center designed (to) culminate (in the) erection (of the) last unit crowning (the) structure (of the) embryonic World Order (of) Bahá'u'lláh.

( Our) distinguished co-worker, Millie Collins, Vice-Chairman (of the) International Council (is) acquainting you (with the) pressing problems (and the) projected plans (of) contracts afoot designed (to) accelerate (the) process initiated (in the) Holy Land (for the) furtherance (of these) supreme, momentous, highly meritorious objectives. Communicate (this) message (to) all National Assemblies.

April 25, 1951.