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Paris, the 8th of May 1960

To all the Friends and Local Assemblies of France:

Following the instructions of the Hands of the Faith in Haifa, I, the undersigned, Faizi, Hand of the Faith and delegate of the Hands residing in the Holy Land, arrived in Paris. I had an interview with the members of the N.S.A. of the Bahá’ís of France.

I discovered from their own admission that five of the following members who form the majority of the N.S.A.– in opposition to their pact of faithfulness to the divinely ordained institutions – are disobedient to the institution of the Hands of the Cause.

By virtue of my instructions and by virtue of the authorisation of the Hands of the Cause, I announce:

1.– The dissolution of the N.S.A.

2.– Should one of the five members arrive in a community under your jurisdiction, I ask that you not accept them among you and not arrange meetings to meet with friends.

3.– Communicate this message to all the friends of your community.

4.– The Hands of the Faith in the Holy Land will give you definite instructions concerning the disobedience of the violators.

5.– These five are: Monir Derakhchan, Joel Marangella, Bernard Fillon, Jacques Soghomonian and Donald Harvey.

6.– The necessary instructions for new elections of the N.S.A. will be given to you in the course of my visits to your community.

The Hands of the Cause and all the Bahá’ís from around the world anxiously await for the friends of France to prove their fidelity and demonstrate their support for our beloved Guardian (Shoghi Effendi) and the divinely-ordained institution of the Hands of the Cause.

Always in the service of our FAITH and our Shoghi Effendi, the well-beloved Guardian.


(signed) A. Q.Faizi