Annex 9 The annexes





(The) following message has been sent on instruction of the Hands.

"In his glorious epistle: God Passes By, the beloved Guardian demonstrates clearly (that the) Sacred Faith is constantly subjected (to) crises(which) give birth (to) very great victories. History (of the) downfall (of) distinguished believers after the passing (of the) manifested Precursor of the Faith, (the Báb), after the passing (of the) Supreme Manifestation (Bahá’u’lláh), after the rise (of the) Center (of the) Covenant (‘Abdu’l-Bahá), has repeated itself after the passing (of) Shoghi Effendi, by the completely unfounded claim (of) Mason Remey. (The) claim (of) believers against (the) activities of those who have gone astray, and who have been given every opportunity to repent; immediately order, (the) expulsion from the Faith (of the) followers (of) Remey.

John Carré, Bernard Fillon, Monir Derakhchan, Joel Marangella, Jacques Soghomonian, Donald Harvey, John Byers in France and Marie Wilkin in the United States.

Henceforth, all those (who) associate with (these) persons or who support (the) claim (of) Remey, are considered Covenant-Breakers as well.

We unquestionably feel (that) the devoted body (of) believers, remembering (the) infinite bounties and blessings spread abroad (by) the beloved Guardian, will, by (their) united action, show unshakeable solidarity (and) will rise up to accomplish (the) glorious goals of (the) divinely-inspired Crusade.

Signed WOLCOTT - Secretary of the N.S.A. of the U.S.A.