The following extracts are taken from Tablets appearing in STARS OF THE WEST during the years 1913-1922 in the volumes indicated:

Vol. IV, No. 3, 28 April 1913 ( p. 13 ) :


"To his honor Mr. Charles Mason Remey, Washington, D.C.
Upon him be Baha'o'llah EL-ABHA !"
"He is God!"

"O thou illumined youth and my spiritual beloved!"

" Thy letter was received and its perusal imparted happiness impossible to describe. It was an indication of the loftiness of thy nature, the strength of thy effort and the purity of thy intentions. Abdul-Baha's happiness is caused by such matters. If the material luxuries of the whole earth were available to Abdul-Baha, He would not think for one moment that there is such a thing as comfort and luxury in the world. But when a soul-perfuming fragrance wafts from the rose-garden of the hearts of the friends to the nostrils of Abdul-Baha, such joy is realized that involuntarily I render thanksgiving unto the Blessed Perfection Who has trained such servants."

In brief, your letter imparted to me the utmost happiness. This thought of yours is very appropriate.* I hope that a new quickening may be produced in the hearts of the believers, and great firmness and steadfastness become manifest, that this may lead to the guidance of others."

"Therefore, with a divine-power, a heavenly resolution and purpose, an eloquent tongue and a heart overflowing with the Love of God, take in thy hands the Tablets and travel throughout the cities, even as far a Honolulu in Hawaii. Travel thou in all the American cities. Call every one to FIRMNESS IN THE COVENANT! And guide everyone in the diffusion of the Fragrance of GOD! Raise the cry of 'Ya-Baha-El- Abha ! ' and call the name of 'Ya-Ali-El-Allah' ! "(O Thou High One Who is the Most High!)

"Awaken the friends, for ere long a test shall come. Perchance some persons outwardly firm and inwardly wavering shall come to those parts in order to weaken the faith of the friends in the Covenant of God. Let them be awake! Let them be mindful! As soon as they see a trace of violation of the Covenant, they must hold aloof from the violator. Day and night let them strive so that the Lights of the Kingdom of ABHA may encircle the globe and the darkness of error may entirely be dispelled...."

"Upon thee be Baha El-ABHA!


* Refering to a letter telling of the spiritual awakening among the people caused by 'Abdu'l-Baha's visit in America.

Volume V, No. 6, 24 June 1914 ( p. 84 ) :

JUNE 8-10, 1912 "

" Mr. William Remey came in about this time and when Abdul-Baha saw him, he greeted him most warmly.

" Your brother [Mason] mentioned your name to me. You are greatly blessed by having such a brother. At present you do not know how greatly you are blessed but you will see this with your own eyes. Your whole family will be glorified; they will be proud that they have such sons as Mr. Remey and yourself. "

Volume V, No. 14, 23 November 1914 ( p. 216 ) :

In an article written by Mr. George Latimer addressed: "To the STAR OF THE WEST," he writes: "This present trip of nine months through Europe and culminating in our visit with Abdul-Baha in the Holy Land has brought a new realization of the Cause to Mr. Remey and myself. . . ."

"On Oct. 18th we were called into his presence about 6:30 in the evening and after a few remarks he spoke as follows: 'There are many heralds in the world. [ He goes on to enumerate several types ] . . . But praise be to God, that you are heralds of the Kingdom of God . . . the fame of the souls, who are the heralds of the Kingdom, is eternal . . . . "Thank ye God that ye are the heralds of the Kingdom of Abha, the heralds of the Covenant of the Almighty .. . . Today, whosoever is a herald of the Covenant is the light of the Regions. In the Supreme Concourse the Heavenly Cohorts are arrayed, watching to see who will enter the arena of service of the Covenant that they may rush forward to reinforce, to strengthen and to confer upon him triumph."

Volume V, No. 19, 2 March 1915 ( pp. 296-297 ) :

"To his honor Mr. Remey – Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH EL ABHA!"


"O thou who art rejoiced by the Divine Glad Tidings! "

" . . .Verily, I beseech God to make thee confirmed under all circumstances. Do not become despondent, neither be thou sad. ERE LONG, THY LORD SHALL MAKE THEE A SIGN OF GUIDANCE AMONG MANKIND." (caps added)

Volume X, No. 7, 13 July 1919 ( p. 144 ) :

"To his honor Mr. Remey, care of his honor Mr. Roy Wilhelm, New York City – Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH El Abha!"

"He is God!"

"O my dear son!

"Numerous letters have been received from you and their contents have all been conducive to happiness. Praise be to God, thou art confirmed in service to the Kingdom, art promulgating divine teachings, art raising the call of the oneness of mankind, art detaching the souls from ignorant racial prejudices, art summoning them to the investigation of truth, art showing forth unto them the light of guidance and art offering them the chalice of the wine of the love of God. This blessed purpose of thine is the magnet of the confirmations of the Abha Kingdom."

("Translated by Shoghi Rabbani, May 23rd, 1919, Haifa, Palestine)

Volume X, No. 12, 16 October 1919 ( p. 230 ) :

" Recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha to American Bahais: "

We have cabled Mr. Remey to postpone his tour, for his presence, in these days, in America is necessary. In reality, he has been and is engaged in the utmost power in service and I love him infinitely, and verily he merits this love of Abdul-Baha."

(Translated by Shoghi Rabbani, Haifa, Palestine, May 23rd, 1919)

Volume 11, No. 7, 13 July 1920 ( p. 112 ) :

" Recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha to Mr. A. W. Randall: "

"The model [ of the House of Worship to be built in Wilmette, Ill. ] of Mr. Bourgeois, praise be to God, has become acceptable to the friends, especially that it has proved approvable to his honor, Mr. Remey."

Volume 11, No. 8, 1 August 1920 ( p. 122 ) :


"To his honor, Mr. Remey, Washington, D.C.– Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH El Abha!"

"He is God"

"O thou son of the Kingdom!"

". . . In brief, I am greatly pleased with thy conduct and thy behavior. Praise be to God, thou art freed from these limitations and imaginations, hast no purpose save the diffusion of the divine fragrances and art ever restless and active. Thou art day and night striving to hoist the resplendent banner and to cause the shining morn to illumine all regions. From the Abha Kingdom I ever beg confirmations for thee, for without it the smallest things cannot be performed, how much more this important question ["the subject of the colored and the white"].

Volume 11, No. 9, 20 August 1920 ( p. 139 ) :

"Recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha to Mrs. Corrinne True"

. . ."Praise be unto God, that the model of the Mashrekol-Askar [current transliteration: Mashriqu'l-Adhkár] made by Mr. Bourgeois was approved by his honor, Mr. Remey, and selected by the Convention. His honor, Mr. Remey is, verily, of perfect sincerity. He is like unto transparent water, filtered. lucid and without any impurity. He worked earnestly for several years, but he did not have any personal motive. He has not attachment to anything except to the Cause of God. This is the spirit of the firm and this is the characteristic of the sincere."

Volume 11, No. 13, 4 November 1920, ( pp. 229-230 ) :

"Recent Tablet from Abdul-Baha to Chas. Mason Remey"

"Through the faithful soul, Taereh, the wife of his honor Consul Schwarz, Stuttgart, Germany, to his honor. Mr. (Charles Mason) Remey – Unto him be the Glory of God, the Most Glorious!"

"He is God"

"O thou enlightened beloved son!". . . Thou art unquestionably in the utmost joy and rapture now that thou art mingling and associating with those blessed souls.

"It is my hope that thy present trip [in Germany] will give rise to great results. . ."

"Unto thee be the Glory of God!"


Volume 11, No. 15, 12 December 1920, ( p. 259 ) :

"To his honor, Mr. Charles Mason Remey – Upon him be BAHA'O'LLAH El Abha!"

"He is God"

"O thou herald of the Covenant!"

"Thy letters have been received and an answer has been written. Verily thou art firm in the Covenant, art self-sacrificing, art the son of the Kingdom and dost deserve the confirmations of His Holiness Baha'o'llah." (underlining added)

Volume 12, No. 3, 28 April 1921, ( p. 58 ) :

". . . His honor Mr. Remey, that luminous person and heavenly man, is occupied in service in Germany and Holland. He does not rest for a moment and does not breathe but to raise the call to the Kingdom of God."

Volume 13, No. 8, November 1922, STAR OF THE WEST, ( pp. 219-221 ) :

"Regarding the Bahai Temple to be built on Mount Carmel Abdul-Baha wrote to Mr. Charles Mason Remey of Washington D.C., in a tablet dated October 7, 1921: 'Some time ago I wrote thee a letter the content of which was that, praise be to God, thou hast become confirmed in drawing a plan for the pilgrim house in Haifa. It is my hope that this pilgrim house may be built under your supervision. Also in the future a Mashreq'ul Azkar [current transliteration is "Mashriqu'l-Adhkár"] will be established on Mount Carmel. THOU WILT BE ITS ARCHITECT AND FOUNDER. I give thee this glad tidings.'" (Caps added)

Compiled by: Joel Bray Marangella

Note: Tranliteration of the names of Bahá'u'lláh and 'Abdu'l-Bahá and other Bahá'í terms have been retained as they appear in the original documents.