Significant words of
Shoghi Effendi
to a pilgrim in 1956:

"Everything that is written in the Will and Testament will be fulfilled.
The Bahá’ís must not be anxious about this."

[From Haifa Notes of Gayle Woolson,
reknowned pioneer and member first NSA, South America]

Would Shoghi Effendi have made the clesr and unambiguous promise quoted above if he had interpreted the terms of the Master’s Willl and Testament, as the Hands erroneoulsly did at their first conclave in ‘Akka following his passing, when they declared that he had left no heir as there had been no one qualified to become his successor? And why then did the Hands search for a will left by Shoghi Effendi, which they would inevitably not find for is it not clearly stated in the Master’s Will and Testament that the Guardian must appoint his successor "in his lifetime?"

This he had actually faithfully done openly with the issuance of his one and only momentous Proclamation of 9 January, 1951 but is such an ingenious indirect manner as to conceal the imminence of his own passing with the result that the Hands, as well the other believers throughout the world tragically failed to perceive its significance.

The Hands had then hastily and shamelessly declared the Guardianship forever ended, thereby, in effect, destroying for all time the international administrative institutions of the Faith as delineated by the Master in His Will and Testament — a divinely-conceived Document that Shoghi Effendi had equated with the Aqdas in its sacredness, immortality and immutability.

Documentation may be requested from the addresses shown below that will provide irrefutable evidence and proof that Shoghi Effendi faithfully appointed his successor in strict accordance with the terms of the Master’s Will and Testament, thus assuring the continuance intact of the administrative Institutions of the World Order of Bahá’u’lláh in all of their perfection and glory.

Joel Bray Marangella
Third Guardian of the Bahá’í Faith


For information on the continuing Guardianship of the Bahá’í Faith, write:

Provisional National Bahá’í Council of India

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