Written by: Joel Bray Marangella, Third Guardian of the Bahá'i Faith.

16th February, 1974.

To the faithful supporters of the Guardianship of the Cause of God:

Dearly beloved co-workers in the vineyard of the Covenant:

Charles Mason Remey, Abdu’l-Bahá’s designated spiritual son, Hand of the Cause of God, President of the first International Bahá’i Council the embryonic Universal House of Justice divinely appointed second Guardian of the Bahá’i Faith, the Masters chosen architect of the Bahá’i House of worship to be constructed on Mount Carmel in the Holy Land the most distinguished architect of the Bahá’í world, faithful servant and indefatigable defender of the Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh during a period of 75 years of service has been gathered into the Abha Kingdom there, at long last, to be reunited with the beloved Master whom he loved and so faithfully served in his lifetime and enjoy eternal communion with the inmates of the most exalted Paradise that heavenly company of God’s apostles, martyrs, saints, heroes and champions who laid down their lives before him on the battlefield of service to God’s Cause.

Word has just been received through an indirect source that Charles Mason Remey left this earthly plane at 8:45 PM on the evening of 4 February.

Only future generations of Bahá’is will be able to appraise and appreciate adequately the value of Mason’s matchless and historic services to the Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh and the solitary and glorious battle he fought for the victory of the Covenant upon his accession to the Guardianship in the face of a violation of unparalleled magnitude resulting initially from a conspiracy on the part of the widow of the first Guardian in which she was joined by the then Hands of the Cause and subsequently blindly followed by the vast majority of the believers throughout the Bahá’i world.

Who amongst the faithful and valiant supporters of the Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh will ever forget the historic and emotionally charged events that surrounded the issuance of Mason Remey’s historic Proclamation of his guardianship to the Bahá’i world at Ridván 1960 (BE 117) — a Proclamation that was received with such joy by that small band of believers who had clung tenaciously and unwaveringly to the immortal provisions of the Will and Testament of the Master and who had steadfastly refused to abandon their faith in the continuity of the divinely conceived and established institution of the Guardianship. Who amongst these believers will forget how they thrilled with the receipt of three successive Encyclical letters penned by the second Guardian in which he so brilliantly reinforced the logic and irrefutable arguments he had advanced in his earlier Proclamation as evidence of his claim to the guardianship. Or will they forget the stirring appeals he made to the then Hands of the Cause not to repudiate the supreme Handiwork: of the Master, His greatest legacy to the Bahá’í world, the brightest emanation of His Mind and the Child of the Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh (the Will and Testament).

Single and alone this wondrous man stood against a mighty tide of violation, of personal vilification and abuse, an unyielding pillar of strength to all those who rallied to the support of the guardianship of the Faith, a majestic and venerable man of advanced age whose indomitable courage and spiritual fortitude was glorious to behold.

How we loved this man, not only because he was the second Guardian of the Cause of God appointed in accordance with the provisions of the Will and Testament of the Master but, too, for his spiritual qualities and character. In him we found the very epitome of fidelity, incorruptibility and integrity.

How, also, can we forget the dire warnings he pronounced. for the future of a Godless and unregenerate humanity destined to be visited by a catastrophe of undreamt of proportions in accordance with the prophecies of both Bahá’u’lláh, the ancient Prophets and some of the most renowned seers of the past prophecies that were lent corroborative evidence and proof by certain well known contemporary scientists.

What an eternal debt of gratitude both we and those unborn generations of Bahá’is who will labor for the victory of the Covenant owe ‘Mason for having saved the Faith from destruction at the hands of those who would subvert the Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh. Perhaps, once in a generation of the children of men does God raise up a man such as this to attest to His power, glory and grace.

What undivined mystery lay in God’s will that this superlative man should live to the advanced age of 100 years and some nine years after the mantle of guardianship had passed to the shoulders of his appointed successor.

Assuredly, Mason will now be able to lend his support as never before to those of us who are struggling to win victories for Bahá’u’lláh’s mighty Covenant. For have we not been informed in the Writings that the power of the soul after its release from its mortal cage is augmented manifold? We may be sure that he will pray for us as we pray for him.

Now that our beloved Mason has left us it is my hope and prayer that all of the faithful supporters of the guardianship throughout the world will rally to the support of the third Guardian. This appeal is particularly made to those believers who for reasons of their own saw fit to withhold their acceptance of my guardianship while Mason still lived. The third Guardian fully understands the test that was theirs in their undying love for Mason and certainly does not place them in the same category with those who have violated the Covenant since the passing of Shoghi Effendi. He bears them no animosity and stands ready to welcome them as loyal supporters of the guardianship. At this critical juncture in the fortunes of the Faith we need and solicit their aid and support. The third Guardian will be pleased to hear from them.

The faithful friends in America are urged to hold fitting memorial services honoring the memory of Mason. A memorial gathering in a central location should also be held under the auspices of the National Bureau. Maximum publicity would be desirable.

Faithfully, your brother in El Abha,

Miami, Fla.

16 Feb. 1974